Individually handmade in England with a specialist F1 Carbon Fibre manufacturer using the highest-grade aerospace grade carbon fibre. 

Product History

  • Product designer Mark Stebles teamed up with a top F1 designer to create the ultimate all round road bike.
  • Wind tunnel tested at the Chris Boardman Performance Centre.
  • The first ever Carbon Fibre Patented bike to have mudguards integrated into the moulded frame and forks. 

Key Design Features:

  • Designed to fit tyres of up to 28mm with clearance, with deeper sides to stop spray coming out the side like most existing mudguards do and being a rigid part of the frame there is no flex or rattling around.
  • Eliminates spray to the lower headset bearing which normally corrodes quickly due to being in direct line with tyre spray. 
  • The front derailleur is protected from spray as it is on the outside of the wheel guard and therefore isolated from the rear wheel spray which may often corrode the lesser used derailleur.
  • The chain also receives less of the spray from the rear wheel near the front derailleur.

Integrated bottle holder

Each bike will come complete with a Stebles Bike 500ml bottle, which has been streamlined into the frame design to fit in the best place to allow easy access.

Internal Storage

Behind this door the inside of the frame is hollow where it is possible to store items such as a mini pump, C02 inflator, spare tube, patches, keys, food, phone, etc.
This also gives access the internal cables, which are routed around pulleys to give smooth operation of the gears and rear brake.

Direct internal cable routing 

The cables go straight through the downtube without any sharp bends, reducing friction and wear on the cables giving a lighter and more reliable action to the brakes and gears.

The frame's logos and large S at rear sides is reflective to catch headlights and improve night visibility

Each bike will come complete with its own custom 3D printed Stebles Stand in any colour – pictured below in white.   

Each bike will come complete with security Quick Release skewers on the wheel axles
This reduces the risk of wheel being taken on a short cafe stop, also reducing the weight with just one lever required 


Frame: Stebles Bikes handmade frame and forks 700c disc specific, individually handmade in England with a specialist Formula One Carbon Fibre manufacturer using the highest-grade aerospace spec carbon fibre.
Wheels: HUNT Aero Disc Light wheelset 1498g
Gearing:  Shimano Ultegra 11 speed chain-set, shifters, derailleurs (This will feature the Flat-bar road shifters to suit the group-set, also available with riser bars too)

Bespoke frame sizing available between 53-58cm

Custom spec available with Sram / Shimano

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